RUSTIC LEATHER - Leather Conditioner Ointment

RUSTIC LEATHER - Leather Conditioner Ointment
RUSTIC LEATHER - Leather Conditioner Ointment
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Product Description

RUSTIC LEATHER - Leather Conditioner Ointment
Rustic Leather, only at Jayne's Style

"Leather Conditioning Ointment"

You are purchasing a brand new,6oz bottle of Leather Conditioning Ointment, made by Rustic Leather.

The team of mad scientists worked day and night for months to come up with the magic elixir that will revitalize and soften your road-worn Rustic Leather. It even works wonders on new leather! It is both a conditioner and protector, combining three basic essentials; leather moisturizing, stain protection, and an anti-microbial. This concoction replenishes the essential oils that are found in leather and works its way into the very fibers giving the leather a subtle, softer feel.

Rustic Leather Conditioning Ointment will darken the leather to some degree, but will lighten a bit within a few days. Your leather may not fully return to the original color, but this is not necessarily a bad thing as the resulting color shift is actually quite beautiful. It is best to try the ointment on an obscure spot first and wait a few days to see if you like the outcome. The darkening effect is most noticeable on the Buckskin Tan color but also slightly darkens the other colors as well. (Color sample is shown above.) NOTE: Color change may vary from leather to leather items. SPECIFICATIONS

Size 6 oz. Enough for 3 or 4 applications on a large briefcase.

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